Things To Do in Yangshuo
There's so much to do in Yangshuo that you could spend a month here and not get bored.  Try these:

In Yangshuo
Wandering around Yangshuo is really fun. The town is small, you could walk it's length in 20 minutes.  But you'll likely stroll the town for hours.  Click the image to the left to see some of the sights you can see in Yangshuo, just by walking.
Renting a bike is probably the single most popular (and best) thing to do in Yangshuo.  The country side is absolutely beautiful.  Of course many people consider the cold beer after the ride to be the best thing to do.  Click the image to see the things you can bike to in a day.
Terraced Rice Fields
A day trip to Longji or Dahzai is a great way to spend the day.  Even better, spend a night there and then return to Yangshuo for the rest of the week.  Longji is the most popular place to see the terraced rice fields, but Dahzai is better.  You can drive directly to Dahzai or walk from Longji.  It takes about 3 hours for the walk if you don't take pictures.  But you will take many pictures so count on 4-5 hours.  Take a look.
TV Tower
Ask for directions to the TV tower.  It take about 30-40 minutes to walk to the top from the hotel, but the views of the town are worth every sweaty step.
There are several way to explore the rivers.  In Yangshuo itself, you can get a small motorized bamboo boat for a short ride.  But the best views are from the boats that leave from XingPing.  In addition to these motorized boats,  many people like to float down the YuLong river on a bamboo raft.  It's not motorized, it will have a man who poles it down the river.  It's very relaxing and can be combined with a bike ride.  And you'll ent up near Moon Hill which is nice too.