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What is the MorningSun Hotel?
The Morning Sun Hotel is a family owned and operated hotel that opened for business in October of 2002. We completely remodeled every room in 2012 and now we offer 4 star comfort. With it's superb location in the heart of Yangshuo, just off the very popular West Street, you can get away from the noise and still enjoy easy access to the many fine shops and restaurants Yangshuo has to offer. The hotel offers an elegant classical styling and is organized around a central atrium. And with only 34 rooms you can expect a personal touch often missing in larger places. We hope you'll slow down enough to enjoy a nice cup of tea in our garden and stroll up to the rooftop for magnificent mountain views in all directions. We're sure the quiet atmosphere and fast friendly room service will impart fond memories for many years.

Where is your hotel?
Check out this map for details.

How much are your rooms?
Click here for prices.

How many stars?
Our hotel has no "official" star rating and in reality star ratings for hotels in China are mostly meaningless. Most of the hotels in Yangshuo are 2 stars at best. We are really in a different class now that we remodeled the hotel in 2012. We feel our rooms now have 4 star comfort. We are built to western standards with generously sized rooms, heating and AC, very modern western style bathrooms, large screen TVs, and comfortable beds. We've posted pictures of our rooms so take a look.

Do you have a restaurant?
Yes, but we serve western style breakfasts only. Throughout the day we offer drinks, beer, and wine. We'll be happy to recomend restaurants that you can walk to 1-5 minutes.

Can I make a reservation?
Yes, we are happy to take reservations. We accept Visa but mostly we are operating on the honor system. If you ask us to hold a room for you we will hold it until noon the day you arrive and no deposit is necessary. If you plan to arrive later than noon please advise. Likewise, if you need to cancel your reservation please give us as much notice as possible.

How do I get there?
Airport Taxi
Most people fly to Guilin and take advantage our our low priced taxi service from the airport to Yangshuo which takes about 1 hour now that the new highway has been finished. If you hire a taxi at the airport it will cost you much more. If you let us know your flight number and when your plane arrives we can send a taxi to meet you at the airport and that will only cost 290 yuan for a 4 seat taxi. We highly recommend this service for those who are new to traveling in China, or those who don't speak Chinese. Call us the night before you want to come to Yangshuo and we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up at your hotel.

This is the least expensive way to get to Yangshuo. The airport is about 30-40 minutes out of town so you must first take the airport shuttle bus to Guilin for 30 yuan. It will drop you at the airport hotel in Guilin. Get off the bus and take a taxi (10-15 yuan) to the Guilin Bus Station where you can take the express bus (20 yuan) or the local bus (18 yuan) from the train station to Yangshuo. Express buses run every 30 minutes and they take about 1 hour to reach Yangshuo. The non-express bus costs only 18 yuan but it leaves from the train station, not the bus station. If you arrive by train you might want to take it but it takes 30 minutes longer and is usually crowded. They run every few minutes and it's a great experience.

Tour boats
Another very nice alternative is to take a tour boat from Guilin to Yangshuo. It's nuch more expensive but it's a nice trip. You can also arrange boat trips after you arrive here.

How can I contact the Morning Sun Hotel?

Phone 773-881-3899.  To call China yopu must first access international calling and dial the country code.  The Country Code for China is 86.  From the United States you would dial 01186, then the number.  (English speaking receptionists)
FAX:       773-881-3898

Do I need a special visa?
You need no special visa to visit Yangshuo, a single entry tourist visa will do. Multi-entry visas are only required if you want to leave China and enter again later. Here's a tip, westerners don't need a visa to enter Hong Kong and from there you can get a Chinese visa in a day from many travel agents. It's can be cheaper and easier than getting a visa in your home country.